Ike’s Food & Cocktails - Mpls
You get what you pay for.  
Not always true but in this case, it worked for us at Ike’s. This is truly one of the best burgers we have eaten.  Great tasting meat, nicely cooked, toasted buns and then the presentation of delivering the burger wrapped in paper. A great gift...except you have to pay for it.  So how much?
A cheeseburger cost $12.49 and the bacon cheeseburger you see above cost $14.74.  Now those prices do include some excellent french fries (with a hint of sugar) but for some of us, these prices take having an Ike burger every week somewhat out of the question.  A mark against Ike’s  is that the space can be very cramped, but It is a bar.
You should definitely find the time, and money, to have a burger at Ike’s.
Thursday, August 10, 2006