Matt’s Bar -  Mpls  
“You better wait or you’ll die.”  
“scuse me?”
“Let those sit before you start eating ‘em.”
That was our ominous introduction to the “Juicy Lucy” by the waitress at Matt’s Bar.  She was warning us of the very hot cheese (liquid goo you see in the above pic) that is the center of the burger.
When lifting up the bun on one of the burgers, we noticed there was cheese on top.  “Is this just a regular cheeseburger?  I thought I ordered a Juicy Lucy.”  “No, that is a bandage.  Sometime the cheese starts to ooze out of the Juicy Lucy and we have to stop it by putting on a cheese bandage.”
So let’s get down to it.  The burger’s are good at Matt’s.  The meat has a good flavor in both a regular burger or the hallmark “Juicy Lucy”.  The cheese inside the “Juicy Lucy” is just too runny and okay in flavor.  The fries were good.  No onion rings, no malts.
Tuesday, May 30, 2006