Gold Nugget - Minnetonka
There is no visual trick.  The burger is truly larger than the toasted bun.  And pretty good to boot.  Before I get to the burger, let’s talk about the rest of the place. The “g nugget” is a small bar with a patio out back that is as big as the bar inside. The service was very good even with us “sneaking” to the patio in back without telling anybody.  We placed our orders and were treated to darn good fries, great onion rings and good burgers. Not the best we have had but it is definitely worth the trip.
Would we go again?  Absolutely.  The Gold Nugget puts out a good meal for a good price with darn good service. And, If the weather is pleasant, their patio is a great place to be eating onion rings and having some drinks.
Tuesday, July 11, 2006